TCReconstruction provide various services related to vehicular crashes including crash investigation and crash reconstruction, scientific analysis of crash data as well as training and seminar.

Crash Investigation

We provide a full service of in-depth road traffic crash investigation. Being involved with hundreds of crash cases investigated, we have hands-on experience in crash scene and vehicle damage aerial photography and videography, collecting information from vehicles, roads and people, measuring at the scenes of crashes, developing after-crash situation maps,  to name but a few. We are capable of investigating single-vehicle crash (SVA), multiple-vehicles crash (MVA), vehicle roll-over, and other types of traffic collisions. All of the available data are gathered in order to accurately and comprehensively document the evidences from a crash incident.

  • Crash site inspection
    • on the road & highway environment
    • on the shoulder and median areas
    • aerial view observation
  • Vehicle inspection
    • direct and induce damage
    • occupant internal contact
    • restrain wearing evidence
  • Analysis
    • road & environment physical evidences
    • vehicle damage crush profile
    • occupant injury & driver perspectives

Crash Reconstruction

We have extensive expertise in reconstructing road traffic crashes. Our experiences in reconstruction deliver an accurate picture of how a crash happened. Our services in crash reconstruction, among others, are:

  • Gathering, analysing and interpreting physical and digital evidences
  • Developing and producing graphical and visual exhibits
  • Reconstruction based on mathematical and physical calculations
  • Developing animation and 3D visualizations
  • Analysing mechanical and component failures
  • Speed analysis
    • Time-distance-velocity calculations
    • Crush damage energy
    • Critical speed (yaw) analysis
  • Human factor contribution in the crash
    • Driver reaction
    • Visibility assessment
  • Computer-aided reconstruction
    • Crash simulation and animation

Crash Data Analysis

We also perform scientific analysis of crash data from various other sources of crash data such as police accident data, vehicle insurance data, department of road transport record and other related government agencies. Sophisticated statistical techniques are employed to analyse the data comprehensively to identify significant information to improve traffic safety.

Training, seminar and consultancy

To support traffic safety in the country we conduct training and seminar regularly to public and professional include presentations to the following venues:

  • Transportation industry seminars
  • Highway safety organizations
  • Law enforcement training
  • Safety department training